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Tatweer Misr

Tatweer Misr

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About Tatweer Misr

Since its inception in 2014, Tatweer Misr has been a vital catalyst for change, delivering incomparable value through exemplary projects that master all facets of development. Boasting a wealth of industrial and technical expertise, Tatweer Misr has been offering an innovative outlook on integrated living to strongly emerge as a leading real-estate developer in Egypt, fulfilling the rising demand on mixed-use projects that enrich the life of its communities.

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178Town house


Tatweer Misr

Rolling out on 415 acres of land, Bloomfields is the most charming and interconnected green town in Mostakbal City. Always on the rise, and in search for fresh bold ideas, the development surrounds you with sweeping views over lush sun-kissed parks, open-air galleries, top-notch education, a burgeoning cultural scene, as well as world-class facilities, and a sustainable lifestyle inspired by the best integrated ecosystems in the world. Designed to offer something just for everyone, Bloomfields is Tatweer Misr's prime innovative project in Cairo that's set to become Egypt's hotbed for startups, entrepreneurs, as well as makers and doers who wish to execute flawlessly at home, in the office or at the gym. Boasting one-of-a-kind functions, and top-notch amenities at every doorstep, Bloomfields is carefully planned to make life easier, and more enjoyable without having to commute.




Tatweer Misr

About D-Bay

Unique Selling Points of D-Bay North Coast


D Bay took advantage of the natural topography of the area and placed its properties on different levels, giving them all a mesmerizing view of the sea, the lagoons and the green landscapes. 



The coastal village features a number of swimmable lagoons, placed in every level. To give all residents a picturesque view and an easy access to a quick dip in the water. 


Angular Architecture 

The properties in D Bay North Coast have a unique exterior design with angular architecture. This allows the properties to have the maximum amount of fresh air and sunlight in. 


About D Bay North Coast

D Bay is a coastal village spread across 200 acres of land in the North Coast. Developed by the real estate leader, Tatweer Misr, D-Bay North Coast is where aesthetics and culture intersect with functionality and convenience. 


On a mission to reshape your summer vacation, D Bay has an 800 meter beachfront, various swimmable lagoons and a wide array of world-class amenities.


D Bay North Coast Location

The DBay village is on the 165th kilo of Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Desert Road, easily accessible through many other roads like the Dabaa Road and the Fouka Road. Only 15 minutes away from Sidi Abdelrahman, D Bay North Coast location is in close proximity to various popular destinations. Including Telal, Hacienda, La Vista Bay, Marassi and Fouka Bay.


Property Types of D-Bay

D-Bay’s properties are designed by renowned experts who were inspired by the beauty of nature and chose a calm color palette that reflects the elements of nature in the village. Boasting a wide range of properties, in D-Bay you can get a chalet, standalone villa, cabin, loft, twin house, beach house or a penthouse with various areas, layouts and price rates.

Fouka Bay

Fouka Bay

Tatweer Misr

Wake up to a joyous mosaic of 12 island clusters, beckoning paradise-surroundings; fringed by 7 km of white sandy beaches, and soaked in Crystal Lagoons® all around. Expertly conceived in partnership with world-renowned Italian architects Gianluca Peluffo and Partners, Fouka Bay is the place to socialise, relax and repose, as you experience a unique profusion of tropical island life in the North Coast. Fouka Bay brings to fruition a special blend of beachfront simplicity, and true exclusivity, so that you can enjoy a front-row seat onto Ras El Hekma’s virgin coastline. Awarded 2018 Top Mediterranean Resort in Development by The Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum, Fouka Bay was crowned  as an outstanding mixed -use resort showcasing dedication, innovation and expertise in tourism and hospitality across the Mediterranean region. Every home at Fouka Bay is crafted around your relaxation, and enjoyment. The development’s latest addition; The House Hotel & Residence is an exclusive invitation to enjoy the luxury of living in a beachfront serviced apartment while enjoying exciting water-sport activities, world-class dining experiences, and year- round entertainment with your loved ones.


Il Monte Galala

Il Monte Galala

Tatweer Misr

Created and master planned in collaboration with world-renowned Italian architect Gianluca Peluffo and Partners, IL Monte Galala - Sokhna takes luxury living in Egypt to new heights. Inspired by Portofino’s spellbinding surroundings, this year-round mountain-top community with its lush landscapes and idyllic beach lifestyle sets a global benchmark for luxury living, sustainability and unrivalled hospitality, earning it the best “Residential Low Rise Project” Award by Cityscape Global. Spanning over 2.24 million m2 to lap a pristine 1.4 km shoreline, the project introduces the world’s first and largest mountain-top lagoon built in partnership with world-renowned Crystal Lagoons®. Designed to offer an abundance of colourful experiences at different heights, IL Monte Galala has also collaborated with internationally acclaimed BCI Studio to offer an interactive world of retail and leisure zones, catering to residents’ every desire. From Egypt’s first Adventure Park, an inspiring mountain-top art zone and world-class hotels and spas to a soul-soothing desert park, a state-of-the-art old town and an interactive sports hub, IL Monte Galala - Sokhna won the African Property award for the year 2018, guaranteeing to add a fun and exciting flare to your life.




Tatweer Misr

About Rivers

Unique Selling Points of Rivers New Zayed


Rivers Compound features an exclusive clubhouse, with numerous facilities perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


Commercial Area

There’s a large commercial area in the Rivers New Zayed Compound, filled with renowned local and international retail stores as well as eateries and fine dining restaurants. 


About Rivers El Sheikh Zayed Compound

Rivers Compound was established by the leading real estate developer, Tatweer Misr, across 100 acres of land in New Zayed. As a boutique high-end establishment, Rivers compound has a state-of-the-art design. Which integrates greenery and artificial lakes with outstanding architectural designs.


The Rivers Compound features a wide array of amenities including medical facilities, swimming pools, jogging trails, cycling lanes, surveillance cameras, sports facilities, educational institutions, and a luxurious spa. 


Rivers New Zayed Location

Ideally located on the New Zayed main highway, Rivers location can be found:

- 3 minutes from Sphinx International Airport 

- 7 minutes from Elmehwar

- 12 minutes from Arkan plaza 

- 25 minutes from Lebanon Square 


Additionally, Rivers New Zayed location is in close proximity to other prestigious residential projects including Karmell and The Estates. 


Property Types in Rivers Zayed Compound 

Rivers New Zayed Compound boasts an elegant selection of standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses. That comes in various sizes, designs, layouts, and prices, to accommodate all different needs and budgets.



Tatweer Misr

About Salt

Unique Selling Points of Salt North Coast 

Waterfront Experiences 

All zones in Salt North Coast have unparalleled waterfront views of either the pristine turquoise sea or the crystal lagoons.


Commercial Area

The Salt North Coast Project has a commercial and retail area that offers everything from swimwear to groceries. Also, Salt Sahel has a myriad of F&B outlets offering different types of cuisines from across the globe. 


Hospitality Facilities

There are several hospitality facilities in Salt North Coast including a luxurious spa and a renowned hotel. 


About Salt North Coast by Tatweer Misr 

Salt is a luxurious resort developed by Tatweer Misr across 294 acres of land in Ras El Hekma, North Coast. The unique coastal destination combines luxury with endless summertime fun. 


As Salt Tatweer Misr features an array of luxurious amenities that allow homeowners to enjoy a comfortable yet fun-packed stay all summer long. For instance, Salt North Coast has an 830-meter beachfront, lagoons, clubhouse, Marina, restaurants, and cafes. 


Salt North Coast Location 

Tatweer Misr strategically chose the location of Salt in Ras El Hekma to be near many other high-end destinations. The Salt Ras El Hekma location is exactly on the 185th km of Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Desert Road, near

  • Cali Coast 
  • Jefaira North Coast
  • Gaia North Coast 
  • The Med 
  • Katameya Coast 
  • Mountain View Ras El Hekma
  • Swan Lake North Coast


Property Types in Salt Tatweer Misr 

Salt Ras El Hekma has a significant selection of premium properties varying between condos, chalets, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas. Keeping in mind that all properties have uninterrupted waterfront views.